Surviving The Holidays With Gastroparesis


As the holidays approach most think of their family, friends and all the gifts. For those of you out there with Gastroparesis all you are thinking about is the constant eating and munching…

Check out my blog “What is Gastroparesis” for more information about what this disease really is.

How am I going to get through the holidays with Gastroparesis? Good question, probably with medication. The lovely Reglan and Zofran bottles will come out so I can try to enjoy dinner with my family. I don’t normally use my Reglan or Zofran unless I am having a bad flare up because of all the long-term side effects. If you are using these medications more 3 times a day like I used too, stop. The long-term side effects will leave you worse off in future and trust me Gastroparesis won’t seem so bad after that happens.

About a year ago I was probably at one of the lower points in my Gastroparesis journey. I decided to go “cold turkey” on all my meds and take more natural approach and it worked. In a way I felt like I was “cured” for disease that you cannot cure. So how did I do it you’re wondering..

  • Know Your Limits

Knowing your limits is probably the most crucial part of having Gastroparesis. I really slowed down and started being more aware of what and when I was eating. I cut out the fried foods, soda & most meat from my diet. So on Turkey Day & Christmas Eve if you get to be the host; set out snacks but only eat a few at a time since the meal at the end of day will be large. Now you’re at the dinner table looking at all this delicious food, only take a few bites of each item and then STOP. Knowing when to stop is the most important part. The last thing you want to do is vomit when you have guests over or be the guest vomiting. I’ve been there – it sucks.

  • Take Your Meds

The days when you will be eating constantly, just take your medication. If you use medical marijuana off and on, use it on these days, it will help with your nausea. The problem with Gastroparesis is that there is no cure so you just have to make it work. If the Reglan or Zofran will help you get through your family dinner, just take it this one day, it won’t kill you.

  • Bring A Home Cooked Dish

You know better than anyone what your body can handle. If you’re attending a gathering where the host would love for you to bring a dish, do it! All of us out there with GP know what food stays down better than others. My guess is that the fried turkey won’t work out to well for you so bring something low in fiber and fat! Plus if you bring something you like at least you know there is one thing you can eat at the party.

  • Take Food Home/Left Overs

So I know this sounds weird – but if you are feeling bad about not eating a lot ask to take some food home. Most with GP can eat multiple small meals throughout the day. You will likely be hungry the minute you walk in your door so if you get to take some of the food home you can reheat it. Sounds silly, but the truth is a few hours later you will be hungry so why not get to have more green bean casserole or even turkey.

Just because you or someone you know has Gastroparesis doesn’t mean the holiday’s cannot be enjoyed. Getting through the holiday’s with Gastroparesis is stressful but try to enjoy yourself. Slow down, portion your meals, take your meds & enjoy your family!

Happy Holidays!


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