Christmas Traditions To Start This Year

The sound of a small stampede coming down the stairs, the smell of fresh brewed coffee and the laughter of a family is what Christmas is all about. I remember as a kid running down the stairs in my p.j.’s ready to open gifts with the family. I remember being “the one” and I am still “the one” to pass out everyone’s presents. I even remember Santa Claus coming to my house every year, for real.

Why am I bringing up all of my memories? Well the truth is kids today really don’t understand the meaning of Christmas. Christmas is not about how many presents you get or who gets the best gifts. Christmas is about family and making memories like I did when I was a kid. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some gifts and I never forget to do my wish list!

Start a few traditions with your kids so they can look back and maybe even share it with their kids one day!

  • Hire or Be Santa Claus

Yes, I said it, be Santa Claus or hire someone to be Santa. Sounds silly, but think about it.. When you were a child you wanted to tell Santa what you wanted. My parents were awesome and actually hired a Santa for our entire family every year. He would show up at our door while all of the kids jumped in excitement. Yes, you can take your kids to the crowded mall to meet Santa and take one $40 picture or you can buy a Santa suit and use it year after year! This is an easy DIY project and the joy you will bring your kids is priceless. Not many kids can say their parents hired a Santa for Christmas!

  • Don’t Buy Electronics

Sure maybe every other year you can throw in a new Xbox One if you want but don’t make yourself break the bank every year. Get your kids active toys; bikes, skateboards, footballs, volleyball set, and the list never ends. Bring back the tradition of kids playing during the holidays not sitting on their iPad Mini watching Netflix. Plus if you don’t buy electronics for Christmas you can splurge and get those gifts for birthday’s instead. I remember playing outside each Christmas while my mom cooked and I can tell you that is what my kids will be doing!

  • Decorations

Typically dad hangs the lights and mom decorates the inside of the house. Involve the kiddos! Let them choose where the lights will go and where the blow up Frosty will sit in the yard. You are probably wondering why but at night when it is all lite up your kids will get to see their hard work! You can take a family walk around the neighborhood and find your favorite house (or maybe your house will be the best!). And of course people please let your kids decorate the Christmas tree. Speaking of the tree, make some DIY ornaments this is super easy to do! Just grab some plain ornaments (Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, 99 cent Store) and some glitter glue and get creative! Another great decorating tradition is having a family trip to pick out a live Christmas tree. Not only do live tree’s smell good but they really are not that expensive!

  • Open Presents on Christmas Eve

So ever since I can remember we have always opened presents on Christmas Eve. Why? I have no clue but I love it! This allows for the next day to just be a family day; watching TV, playing a game of football, or just playing with the new toys! Sometimes we save 1 or 2 gifts to open on Christmas morning or we save our stockings. If Christmas day just seems hectic, try out this method of opening gifts on Christmas Eve night, trust me your kids won’t be disappointed!

You do not have to spend tons of money for your family to make some Christmas traditions! I am thankful my family has done random traditions throughout the years and we still continue them even though we are “grown up.” Your never too old to enjoy a little family Christmas time.

Happy Holidays!


P.S. Share your favorite holiday traditions below!


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  1. One tradition we always did was “dance” around the Christmas tree. That actually involved singing Christmas songs while holding hands and walking around the tree.

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