New Year, New Resolutions, New You

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017.

We always enter a new year with a resolution to make a change, quit something or have a new outlook on life. How many of you can honestly say that you will keep that so-called “resolution” until December 31st, 2017? Not many.

I am not a great example of someone who keeps their resolutions simply because I do not make resolutions like most. Ditch your thought of a resolution and take on my challenge. I challenge you to make a resolution each month of 2017. You can make your resolution as you go or ahead of time.


January – Save $100.00

February – Work out for 30 minutes each day

March – Only drink 1 soda per day

etc, etc, etc…

It is not a perfect system but it will challenge you to actually keep your resolutions. In December 2017 you can pull out your list and see how many resolutions you actually kept! Do not pressure yourself with having to make a year-long commitment to one change in your life because you are likely to not keep it.

Begin 2017 with the joy that in 2016 you were alive, safe, hopefully healthy and loved. Many of us are saying how awful 2016 was to us – trust me I have had a crappy year before. The truth is we need to start being thankful for what we have in life and love one another. There is not a enough time in this life for hate and regret. Follow your random resolutions all year-long for a reminder of how great 2017 was for you and your family.

Happy New Year!

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