10+ Date Ideas

I have been with my man for 8 years – that is a lot of dates!

We don’t get to do a “date night” very often but when we do it is always a challenge to find something new to do. Not to mention for us driving to get a take out is like a date!

Here are some date night ideas for new love interests or for long timers like me:

  • His/Her Favorite Restaurant

So we take turns going to our favorite restaurants. One night go to your favorite restaurant and another night go to his/her favorite restaurant. This keeps it fair and plus then you learn each others favorite places to eat at (great for gift cards/surprise dinners!).

  • Go For A Drive

Every now and then we have a playlist of our favorite songs from over the years and just drive around – typically around sunset time. It is fun to just sing and dance together in the car. If you are a new couple this will still work! Every other song play your favorite song, after all if it is meant to be you will know all each others favorite songs!

  • Redbox/Go To A Movie

We are home-bodies and like to spend the time we have at home. That being said we typically either buy a movie or rent a movie. We rarely make it to an actual theater unless we have a gift card. Mix it up and find a romance movie to cuddle up and watch! Don’t forget the popcorn and M&Ms!

  • Mini-Golf/Driving Range

This is for my outdoorsy couples! Here in Phoenix we have several places that have mini-golf, go carts and arcades which can be fun! Beware though this can get expensive..

  • Home Cooked Meal

Cook together while listening to love songs. It is fun to dance around the kitchen and make your favorite home cooked meals.

  • Sports Game

No you do not have to spend $500 to go to a football game. I am talking about hockey or baseball – typically you can get tickets for pretty cheap.

  • Fondue

One of our favorite places locally is The Melting Pot which is a fondue restaurant. What is great about this place is you can just order dessert instead of a full course dinner! So if you are just having a sweet tooth this is a great option.

  • Local Fairs/Events

If you know your date is going to be on a specific day, look at your local city websites for current events going on. They have home and garden shows, pet expos, beer and wine tasting, tattoo expos, etc. Find something you would both be interested in!

  • Farmers Market

Not many are into this type of thing but it is sometimes fun to see all the different things/foods. Plus these sometimes happen near shopping centers so you can turn it into a shopping day (if your wallet can afford it!).

  • Outdoor Fire

Depending on the time of year – a warm fire pit outside is always nice. Grab some supplies to make s’mores and curl up next to each other underneath the stars. If you don’t have a fire put you can find them cheap online or make a DIY one (Pinterest!).

  • Craft Night

Sounds cheesy – But give us a wooden bird house and that will keep us busy for at least an hour. Sometimes we compete at who has the best design πŸ™‚ This is a cheap night in!

  • Hot Tub/Swimming

In Arizona we can swim almost all year round. A hot tub can make for a more intimate night while a swimming pool would be more of a day time hang out.

  • Video Games

I know when I first started dating my boyfriend we would play Call of Duty together. Ladies – this is your guys favorite pastime the least you could do is trying to enjoy it also. Plus this is a chance to get close and learn how to play.

  • BBQ/Party

This is great for those “first date/meet” types of dates – invite a few friends over to play some beer pong and have a good time. This is a great ice-breaker for the both of you – plus your friends can give their input!

Don’t stress over date night. The relationships that do not work out are the ones that are forced from the get go. If you are both open to trying new experiences then go for it! Don’t think you have to spend a fortune for a date, after all you don’t want to go broke trying to impress that special someone!

Comment below on your favorite date ideas!



New Year, New Resolutions, New You

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017.

We always enter a new year with a resolution to make a change, quit something or have a new outlook on life. How many of you can honestly say that you will keep that so-called “resolution” until December 31st, 2017? Not many.

I am not a great example of someone who keeps their resolutions simply because I do not make resolutions like most. Ditch your thought of a resolution and take on my challenge. I challenge you to make a resolution each month of 2017. You can make your resolution as you go or ahead of time.


January – Save $100.00

February – Work out for 30 minutes each day

March – Only drink 1 soda per day

etc, etc, etc…

It is not a perfect system but it will challenge you to actually keep your resolutions. In December 2017 you can pull out your list and see how many resolutions you actually kept! Do not pressure yourself with having to make a year-long commitment to one change in your life because you are likely to not keep it.

Begin 2017 with the joy that in 2016 you were alive, safe, hopefully healthy and loved. Many of us are saying how awful 2016 was to us – trust me I have had a crappy year before. The truth is we need to start being thankful for what we have in life and love one another. There is not a enough time in this life for hate and regret. Follow your random resolutions all year-long for a reminder of how great 2017 was for you and your family.

Happy New Year!

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Christmas Traditions To Start This Year

The sound of a small stampede coming down the stairs, the smell of fresh brewed coffee and the laughter of a family is what Christmas is all about. I remember as a kid running down the stairs in my p.j.’s ready to open gifts with the family. I remember being “the one” and I am still “the one” to pass out everyone’s presents. I even remember Santa Claus coming to my house every year, for real.

Why am I bringing up all of my memories? Well the truth is kids today really don’t understand the meaning of Christmas. Christmas is not about how many presents you get or who gets the best gifts. Christmas is about family and making memories like I did when I was a kid. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some gifts and I never forget to do my wish list!

Start a few traditions with your kids so they can look back and maybe even share it with their kids one day!

  • Hire or Be Santa Claus

Yes, I said it, be Santa Claus or hire someone to be Santa. Sounds silly, but think about it.. When you were a child you wanted to tell Santa what you wanted. My parents were awesome and actually hired a Santa for our entire family every year. He would show up at our door while all of the kids jumped in excitement. Yes, you can take your kids to the crowded mall to meet Santa and take one $40 picture or you can buy a Santa suit and use it year after year! This is an easy DIY project and the joy you will bring your kids is priceless. Not many kids can say their parents hired a Santa for Christmas!

  • Don’t Buy Electronics

Sure maybe every other year you can throw in a new Xbox One if you want but don’t make yourself break the bank every year. Get your kids active toys; bikes, skateboards, footballs, volleyball set, and the list never ends. Bring back the tradition of kids playing during the holidays not sitting on their iPad Mini watching Netflix. Plus if you don’t buy electronics for Christmas you can splurge and get those gifts for birthday’s instead. I remember playing outside each Christmas while my mom cooked and I can tell you that is what my kids will be doing!

  • Decorations

Typically dad hangs the lights and mom decorates the inside of the house. Involve the kiddos! Let them choose where the lights will go and where the blow up Frosty will sit in the yard. You are probably wondering why but at night when it is all lite up your kids will get to see their hard work! You can take a family walk around the neighborhood and find your favorite house (or maybe your house will be the best!). And of course people please let your kids decorate the Christmas tree. Speaking of the tree, make some DIY ornaments this is super easy to do! Just grab some plain ornaments (Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, 99 cent Store) and some glitter glue and get creative! Another great decorating tradition is having a family trip to pick out a live Christmas tree. Not only do live tree’s smell good but they really are not that expensive!

  • Open Presents on Christmas Eve

So ever since I can remember we have always opened presents on Christmas Eve. Why? I have no clue but I love it! This allows for the next day to just be a family day; watching TV, playing a game of football, or just playing with the new toys! Sometimes we save 1 or 2 gifts to open on Christmas morning or we save our stockings. If Christmas day just seems hectic, try out this method of opening gifts on Christmas Eve night, trust me your kids won’t be disappointed!

You do not have to spend tons of money for your family to make some Christmas traditions! I am thankful my family has done random traditions throughout the years and we still continue them even though we are “grown up.” Your never too old to enjoy a little family Christmas time.

Happy Holidays!


P.S. Share your favorite holiday traditions below!


Home-Cooked Dr. Pepper Pork Roast

Is your family coming to town for the holidays? Are you stuck cooking for them? Is money tight since Christmas is onlyΒ  a few weeks away? Try this inexpensive easy recipe for a Home-Cooked Dr. Pepper Pork Roast!

The best part about this recipe is you can really tweak it to what you have in your kitchen right now! Also depending on the size of pork roast it can feed anywhere from 3 – 15 people!


What you need:

  • Pork Loin Roast (a 1.5lb roast feeds about 3-4 people, so buy depending on how many you are feeding)
  • 1 Can of Dr. Pepper
  • 1 Teaspoon of Ground Cloves
  • 2 Bay Leaves
  • 3 Tablespoons of Chopped Onions (fresh is better, but if you have dry that will work!)
  • 3 Cinnamon Stick (or ground cinnamon if you don’t have sticks)
  • 1 Orange (or can substitute with Apricot Jelly or fresh Apricot)
  • 2 Teaspoons of Olive Oil





  1. Turn the crock-pot on high heat &spray with Pam to make the clean-up easier.
  2. Pour a teaspoon of the olive oil into a skillet large enough for the pork loin to sit in. On medium-high heat brown all sides of the pork loin. You can add salt & pepper to add some flavor. Once all sides are lightly brown and crisp, place into the crock-pot.
  3. Pour the entire can of Dr. Pepper into the crock-pot with the pork lion. Add all ingredients except the orange.
  4. Slice the orange and place the slices on top of the pork lion.
  5. Let cook on high until the meat is fully cooked (160 degrees).
  6. Take out of the crock-pot and let sit for 5 minutes before serving.
  7. Now the crock-pot will have left over juices, pour that into a gravy bowl and serve with the pork (Most like a gravy with their pork and this will substitute for the gravy).


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Surviving The Holidays With Gastroparesis


As the holidays approach most think of their family, friends and all the gifts. For those of you out there with Gastroparesis all you are thinking about is the constant eating and munching…

Check out my blog “What is Gastroparesis” for more information about what this disease really is.

How am I going to get through the holidays with Gastroparesis? Good question, probably with medication. The lovely Reglan and Zofran bottles will come out so I can try to enjoy dinner with my family. I don’t normally use my Reglan or Zofran unless I am having a bad flare up because of all the long-term side effects. If you are using these medications more 3 times a day like I used too, stop. The long-term side effects will leave you worse off in future and trust me Gastroparesis won’t seem so bad after that happens.

About a year ago I was probably at one of the lower points in my Gastroparesis journey. I decided to go “cold turkey” on all my meds and take more natural approach and it worked. In a way I felt like I was “cured” for disease that you cannot cure. So how did I do it you’re wondering..

  • Know Your Limits

Knowing your limits is probably the most crucial part of having Gastroparesis. I really slowed down and started being more aware of what and when I was eating. I cut out the fried foods, soda & most meat from my diet. So on Turkey Day & Christmas Eve if you get to be the host; set out snacks but only eat a few at a time since the meal at the end of day will be large. Now you’re at the dinner table looking at all this delicious food, only take a few bites of each item and then STOP. Knowing when to stop is the most important part. The last thing you want to do is vomit when you have guests over or be the guest vomiting. I’ve been there – it sucks.

  • Take Your Meds

The days when you will be eating constantly, just take your medication. If you use medical marijuana off and on, use it on these days, it will help with your nausea. The problem with Gastroparesis is that there is no cure so you just have to make it work. If the Reglan or Zofran will help you get through your family dinner, just take it this one day, it won’t kill you.

  • Bring A Home Cooked Dish

You know better than anyone what your body can handle. If you’re attending a gathering where the host would love for you to bring a dish, do it! All of us out there with GP know what food stays down better than others. My guess is that the fried turkey won’t work out to well for you so bring something low in fiber and fat! Plus if you bring something you like at least you know there is one thing you can eat at the party.

  • Take Food Home/Left Overs

So I know this sounds weird – but if you are feeling bad about not eating a lot ask to take some food home. Most with GP can eat multiple small meals throughout the day. You will likely be hungry the minute you walk in your door so if you get to take some of the food home you can reheat it. Sounds silly, but the truth is a few hours later you will be hungry so why not get to have more green bean casserole or even turkey.

Just because you or someone you know has Gastroparesis doesn’t mean the holiday’s cannot be enjoyed. Getting through the holiday’s with Gastroparesis is stressful but try to enjoy yourself. Slow down, portion your meals, take your meds & enjoy your family!

Happy Holidays!


5 Stellar Interview Tips

So you applied for a job, got called in for an interview and now your freaking out because it is tomorrow!

Not to fear because BizzyBee is here to help you!

Coming from Human Resources I do a lot of interviews. Some people just rock at interviews while others make it blatantly obvious they are completely uncomfortable and that is OKAY! Job interviews are scary and most HR people are too, except me of course.. So I am going to help you shine in your interview and application process!

1. Ask Questions But Not Too Many..

Before the interview questions start, ask to hear about the company and its vision/mission. You may not care too much but this will make sure the company is the right fit for YOU before wasting an hour of your time and their time. My boss and I believe that it must be a good fit both ways; you need to want to work for us & we want you to want to work for us. After hearing about the company you will know if it is the right place for you. You would be surprised how many people stop the interview and say it is too much work and leave.

Now typically at the end of an interview, the panel says something like “Is there anything you would like to add that we have not discussed today?” And to be honest I hate this question. I should not have to ask you that question, you should have told me all of the important facts I needed to know about you. Only give what you need too, do not get off track and ramble about how your husband left you and get distracted (yes, it happens). Questions at the end of the interview should be reserved for schedule, benefits and descriptors about the job itself.

2. Your Application…

So since I work in a school district and mostly hire teachers you would think grammar would be stellar, key phrase “you would think.” When I see an application with multiple spelling errors it is a huge red flag. Spelling errors mean you did not take the time to go back and review your application. That being said, double-check your application before hitting that submit button. Make sure all information is current, since you may have applied to the company a few years ago, your profile may have out-dated information. The worst thing you can do is submit false out-dated information because it won’t reflect in your interview.

Also on your application typically they ask for certain information such as certifications, transcripts, reference letters, and so on.. submit these items! Yes, they actually get reviewed.

3. Resume & Cover Letter…

Oh resumes, I have seen some awesome resumes and some plain pitiful resumes. Make sure your resume is current and matches your application. Employers do not want to puzzle together your work history and education. It should be in chronological order starting with the most current position. Simple resumes are the best, use a basic font and 12-14 point font, short and sweet is perfect in this case. I will be producing a new blog out soon on how to write an awesome resume.. stay tuned!

Personally I dislike cover letters. Yes, I said it, they are a waste of time in my opinion. Reading the letter is not going to provide me any valuable information since anyone can write-up a letter about how great they are. Unfortunately most employers (including mine) require them. Just make sure your cover letter is at least addressed to the actual employer you are applying too. One option is to not specify the company and just address the letter to “Hiring Manager.” I cannot tell you how many cover letters I receive that are addressed to another organization because the applicant did not take the time to change it (red flag!).

4. Confidence…

Confidence is key if you are lacking in experience and education. Many of us apply for jobs we are not “qualified” to do but that doesn’t mean you won’t get a chance. I personally had no experience in Human Resources when I applied but my boss took a chance on me and it worked out great. I made sure she knew I was fully capable of learning the job and expressing my ability to do the job. I went into the interview with confidence and a great personality. Not all employers only look at your experience; you can have all the experience in the world but can you talk to people? Nowadays we all hide behind our cell phones and computers and do not have human interaction. If you are applying to a job that you interact with people on a daily basis, the panel will be analyzing you ability to communicate! Be confident, you got this!

5. Phone Calls & Emails…

It does not hurt to get the contact information from the interview panel. But do not start emailing them daily wanting an update. Trust me they see every application and screen everyone simply because it is the law! In HR we cannot discriminate based on certain information (gender, race and so on). Whether I hire someone or not, I always notify the applicants within a week. We hate for people to go weeks not knowing their results and then they just never hear back. If anything, in your interview ask that either way you are notified if you are being offered employment so you can move on to other opportunities. This also indicates that you may have other offers which makes you more marketable! πŸ˜‰

Job interviews and applications don’t have to be scary. Some interview panels are intense so don’t get me wrong it can be tough. Just know why you want the job and why you want to work for the company. Do not just apply to anywhere because you need a job or the salary looks amazing. Apply to the places that you know you will want to stay and grow at. (this goes back to my blog about Money vs Happiness!)

P.S. Having a lot of jobs (depending on age) where you left almost every year does not look good on an application. You want to show stability because employers lose a lot of money each time you quit and move on! Think about this before jumping from job to job because it may be hurting you and causing employers to decline your application. And ALWAYS give a two-weeks notice!


5 Tips For Enjoying Your Infertility

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img_1165Yes, that is right, start enjoying your infertility. I believe there is a reason for everything in life and well unfortunately infertility is one of those things so why not enjoy it…

Infertility is a weird thing. In one aspect I absolutely hate it and on the other hand it is teaching me so much. Yes I still want a baby the good ol’ natural way.. but I am learning to be patient. At first in my journey I was so adamant that pregnancy needed to happen now and on my terms. What I am now learning is that it needs to be on my bodies terms and my body is simply just not ready for another human being yet. I have been off of all fertility medicine for 2 months (aka 2 cycles) and let me tell you it feels amazing…




Here are some simple tips to just let go and enjoy the journey:

  1. Take a Vacation: Now I know not everyone can afford a vacation, hell I can’t even afford it, but we all need a break every now and then! We recently took an 7 day cruise and it felt great. I really disconnected with everything, no tracking, medicine and I even drank alcohol! Try to set up a vacation for you and your loved one, you will not regret it!
  2. Set Priorities: For most with fertility issues it becomes the priority of your life instead of the reality. To be honest having a baby is not really a reality to me anymore it is now a wish, dream or some small piece of hope. Right this minute we need to focus on us and our finances. It is my hope for us to be in our own house before having a baby. Instead of thinking about having a baby I am trying to switch my focus to being prepared for a baby. So think about your priorities right now, is having a baby number 1?
  3. Stop The Meds: This one is easy for me because the meds & doctor cost so much dang money. Each “round” of meds costed me about $400.00 (including doctor visit) so for me to stop the meds for awhile feels great. The best part is, since I have stopped the meds everything is working the way it is supposed too. Not to mention my emotions are not all over the place which makes me feel like a sane person. I personally know how hard it is to “stop” trying but I have heard that is also the key to having a baby. Who knows… πŸ™‚
  4. Enjoy Your Love Life: Not that I enjoy talking publicly about my love life but I want to be transparent. When your on all these meds and tracking your every move it ruins your love life. When you have to time your time between the sheets, it sucks. That is the last thing either of you want to be thinking about because well frankly it ruins the moment. Our minds cannot shut off the dream, hope and wishes we have so mentally we are in a different place. Stopping everything will bring you some joy in this very stressful disease. Start enjoying the time you have, because once there is a child I am sure your love life will get put on hold for a little while.
  5. Eat & Drink What You Want: So if you are going through infertility then you know all the random things that can make it worse; caffeine, sugar, fried foods, alcohol, etc. Well part of the “letting go” is the diet, have a soda or order that fancy umbrella cocktail every once in a while. Millions of women do drugs and drink and still manage to get pregnant, heck they even do it when they are pregnant. I know consciously you will still think about it while you are sipping the drink, but try to ignore the fear that it is going to interfere with getting pregnant. Also eat what you want, but don’t get to the point where it is unhealthy for you.

Ladies (and gents) start enjoying your life. Constantly worrying about if and when you will have a baby will put a strain on your relationship.

Life is a journey, see where your journey takes you…

xx BizzyBee

First Cruise Hacks & Tips

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If you are ever given the opportunity to take a cruise, do it!

Last week I went on my second cruise in my lifetime. We went to Puerto Vallarta, unfortunately we only stopped once. Our ship was having mechanical problems so the Cabo and Mazatlan stops were cancelled, bummer! I must say even though those stops were cancelled we still had a great time. For us it was our first “big” trip as a couple.

Being a first timer on a cruise can be confusing, here are some pointers for your next cruise!

pvWhat to pack…

I guess more is less in this case since you do not really know what you will be doing.

  • Bring a few nice outfits for shows and sit-down restaurants
  • Don’t forget your dancing outfits, after 10:30 p.m. one of the bars turns into a “night club”
  • Bathing suit – you may want 2 since you will spend most of your time in it (unless you are in Alaska!)
  • Walking shoes
  • Flip Flops
  • For the ladies, heels!
  • I also regretted not bringing my converse!


Bring your basics, if you are like me and have out-of-control hair bring your own shampoo and conditioner otherwise they just have the typical hotel kind. I also found that makeup remover wipes worked well since you will be in the sun a lot. Don’t get to crazy with the makeup; I learned that not very glamorous folks cruise! Half the time I didn’t even wear makeup which is really shocking for me, ask anyone!

So you are all packed and on the ship, now what…


Well I learned that if you want to eat “out” (aka anywhere other than the buffet) you need to reserve seats immediately after boarding the boat. So literally go drop off your stuff and go to the restaurants you want to eat at and reserve your seats. And trust me, if you are on a cruise longer than 4 days you WILL get sick of the buffet!

Now onto the drink packages, this part sucks in my opinion. So on Norwegian there is a Soda Package, Beer Package, & Ultimate Drink Package. Just say your husband wants the Ultimate Drink Package but you don’t want it or can’t drink, guess what you’re getting it or no package at all. You are not allowed to get the Soda and he get the Beer. If you do not get a package you will have to pay for each individual drink (including water!!). So if you know for a fact you will not take one sip of alcohol just do no package, it will be cheaper to pay per soda. Also note, our ship only had Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Ginger Ale, & Sierra Mist (not very many options).


Off Shore Excursions…

So we really wanted to partake in the off shore excursions and we had planned to in Cabo. After having the full day in Puerto Vallarta I realized those packages are not worth it! We wanted to do something like snorkeling in PV but we decided to go “downtown” instead which was only a $20 cab ride for about 30 minutes. Our cab driver let us out near a bar on the beach and it was perfect.

We spent the entire day at El Dorado bar. They had awesome food, great drinks and it was cheap! They had a section of the beach reserved for bar customers and they served drinks throughout the entire day. The beach we were at also had jet ski’s, parasailing, paddle boarding, etc. that you could rent. Also we were able to get massages on the beach for $15 for 30 minutes. As we sat there people walked around trying to sell stuff, which got old but hey we didn’t have to walk to shop!

Side note; El Dorado bar was so good to us. We lost our cell phone at our area and we gave up at the end of the day trying to find it. We just accepted that it was gone and headed back to the ship. About 3 hours later the bar manager and bartender brought it all the way to our cruise ship (about 30 minutes away!). We were in shock, they kept looking after we left and found it buried in the sand. Thanks El Dorado, we will never forget that!

A few random items to bring with…

  • Motion Sickness Medicine: This will be a life save if the water is rough. We lucked out and only that last day was rough waters.
  • Sunscreen: Even though it is windy on the boat, you are still getting sun!
  • Jacket/Hoodie: It gets cold at night!!
  • Small Stereo: At home we use this small Bose stereo and we love it. We totally regretted not bringing it with us.
  • Backpack: When you get off the ship, it is much easier to just carry a backpack. Not to mention you do not want to risk loosing your passport out of the country!
  • DVDs: So the TV sucks on the ship, I think we watched Captain America four times. If you have kids I am sure you will want to bring some DVDs you know they would like. Our room had a DVD player in it. There is no “cable” only about 6 channels and 3 of those were CNN, MSN, FOX News…

Lastly, if you are on a Norwegian cruise and can splurge your budget for a Haven suite, do it! I don’t think I can cruise any other way now. In the Haven there is a private pool, private sun deck, butler, private eating area all strictly for about 10 suites. So basically you do not have to leave your floor if you don’t want too! Just the private pool alone is worth it, the main pool fills up by 6:30 a.m. Also on Norwegian cruises, the gift shop has a huge sale on the last day (like 50% off all jewelry!).


Bon Voyage!




Love Dat Body Book

Have you ever read a book that you just cannot seem to put down?

Recently I found myself at a Barnes and Noble purchasing a book called “The Body Book” by Cameron Diaz. I normally do not purchase books because to be honest I sort of hate reading books. I know, ironic that I write blogs but do not like reading books – but I am trying to change!

After reading a few pages of this book I could not seem to set it down. So you are probably wondering what the book is about other than “the body.” Cameron Diaz basically dissects the body and targets all the things we “humans” do that can either negatively or positively affect our bodies.

This book is for the ladies.. sorry fellas!

While reading this book, Cameron, inspires you to want to change your lifestyle. She explains why eating that entire bag of Doritos is horrible for your body or why getting enough sleep each night is important. Cameron really connects you to your mind, body, and nutrition through her words.

Of course my favorite part of the book was in regards to your lady parts. This will sound weird but lately I have connected so much with my body. I have learned my cycles, ovulation, symptoms, or when I have too much sugar I can easily detect it now. I think that is what Cameron is trying to get us to do, connect ourselves to our bodies. To start realizing when you grab that quick-lunch at McDonald’s how much harm and nastiness you are putting into your body.

Another part of the book I enjoyed was learning about energy. We need to start thinking of our bodies as if they were running off of solar energy (totally not in the book – my personal opinion). What we eat and drink is what is powering our bodies each and every day. When you only sleep for 3 hours a night, have an ice-cold Dr. Pepper when you wake up, and have greasy-fatty foods you are bound to be low on energy. Now on the flip side, if you are getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night, drink a bottle of water when you first wake up, and eat vegetables & fruits throughout the day you are bound to be full of energy. These are the essential items needed to fuel our bodies.

In the book Cameron mentions how every morning she wakes up and drinks a bottle of water as fast as she can. I thought, how weird, why would you chug water when you first wake up. So I figured what the hell, so for the last week I have been waking up and drinking a bottle of water before I start getting ready. After a week of drinking the water I have realized how much more awake I am throughout my morning. She has “inspired” me to drink the recommended 8 bottles of water a day. Trust me, put the soda down, and trade it for water, you will not regret it! Add an orange slice or some berries for more flavor!

This book had so many informative parts I could not possibly touch all of them! I highly recommend reading this book if you are looking for some guidance or motivation to start changing your lifestyle or if you simply just want information about your body!

Now like I said I purchased this book at Barnes and Noble and paid $18.99 + tax. Normally when I shop for something like this I check Amazon prices first and this time I did not (regretting that decision!!). The book right now on Amazon is only $16.91! Check out the below link that will take you straight to the book:


We Be Rollin’ Egg Rolls…

The other night my mom and I decided to try to make “homemade” egg rolls. And to our surprise they were delicious and so easy to make!

What you will need:

  • Bag of Coleslaw Mix (on the lettuce aisle)
  • Egg Roll Wraps
  • 1 lb. Ground Chicken
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Any “flavoring” you like; soy sauce/teriyaki
  • 1 tablespoon of flour
  • 3 tablespoons of water

First you will want to brown the ground chicken and chop it into pieces in a frying pan. Once done add in the coleslaw mix (no sauce just the shredded lettuce) we also threw in some bean sprouts. This is when you will add in any extra flavoring you like; we added soy sauce, oyster sauce, and sesame oil. Cook on low heat until lettuce becomes somewhat soggy/soft.


Now you will get your egg roll wraps. Above is a picture of the ones we used (and they were on clearance!) and they worked great. Now clear an area to begin rolling your egg rolls. Mix your tablespoon of flour and your 3 tablespoons of water together (makes a thick creamy texture). Once mixed grab your first egg roll wrap, on all four corners smear the flour/water mixture. Fill your egg roll on one end with about 2 tablespoons of the chicken/lettuce mix.

Before you start the next part, start heating your oil so it is ready for egg rolls.

The rolling part takes a few to practice until they start looking like egg rolls! Fold from the bottom up over the chicken/lettuce mixture. Then fold the two sides in. Then roll all the way to the top corner of the egg roll wrap. Follow the images below to correctly roll the egg roll! (Remember to wrap tightly so the insides do not fall out while boiling!)





Once you are finished rolling the egg roll place in the heated oil and fry until it is lightly golden brown.


Now you are ready to enjoy your delicious home cooked egg rolls! Serve with some soy sauce or sweet & sour sauce!

P.S. You can add whatever you like in the egg rolls; shredded pork, various vegetables, etc. Also if you have left over mix just freeze for next time!